Neurostar TMS is covered by most insurance plans!

Most major insurances cover Neurostar TMS to treat severe, treatment-resistant depression. Even if we don’t accept your insurance, we can almost always apply for a single-case agreement to have the treatment covered.
We’re even able to help get your insurance to cover Neurostar TMS for OCD in many cases. Please contact our office to learn more about treatment pricing and how much treatment would cost for you.
Don’t let cost stop you from finding the care you need!

Insurances we accept:


If you’re still worried about cost, our office also offers CareCredit to make paying for any treatment costs even easier! With CareCredit, you can pay off any balances over $200 without any interest anywhere from 6-24 months once you’re approved.
CheckĀ hereĀ for more information.

Have questions about paying for Neurostar TMS? Use the chat feature at the bottom-right corner of the page to message one of our TMS Coordinators!