Medication Refill

During your appointment with our doctors, you will be given enough medication to last until your next appointment (typically 1-3 months depending on the medication). Please review the information below, before filling out the medication refill form.

Medication refill appointments should be made with our office at least one week prior to running out of medication. This will give the office staff time to send prescriptions and to make sure you receive your prescriptions on time.

*It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they schedule an appointment for their medication refills and patients are responsible for knowing when medications will need to be refilled.

Same day refill requests will not be honored unless patients have an appointment scheduled with their provider.

No medication refills will be called in after hours or on the weekends/holidays. During these hours, patients must call their PCP or go to the emergency room to avoid medication discontinuation and withdrawal effects.

If a patient has not been evaluated within the past month, a follow up visit will be required to verify medication needs. At the discretion of the provider, they may issue no more than a 7-day supply of his/her medication to last until the next scheduled appointment. This DOES NOT apply to controlled substances.

There are strict guidelines for controlled substances including medications for ADHD and anxiety. The patient must be seen by the office, even if the prescription was lost or expired, to obtain a new prescription.

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